Vasiliko Cement Works hosted Meeting of the Parliamentary Committee for the Environment

On Friday, July 28, the Chairman and the members of the Parliamentary Committee for the Environment, the Commissioner for the Environment, representatives from the Environment Department, representatives from the Labor Inspectorate Department, Managers from the Fire Brigade and EMAK (Disaster Response Special Unit) and representatives from town councils of three neighboring communities visited Vassiliko Cement Works.


A presentation was delivered by Vassiliko Executive Chairman regarding the waste tires management, the mitigation of pollutants from incineration and alternative fuels, the management of electricity and fossil fuels and dust management.


An open discussion was held clarifying the details regarding the fire on July 3rd, in the area of temporary waste tires storage; another issue of discussion was Vassiliko management capability of an additional quantity of tires.


Finally, a visit took place at the waste tires storage and management premises so that participants could gain a broad understanding of these premises and the procedures for their operation.


Vassiliko Cement Works main concern is its sustainable development centered on respect for the environment and people and social contribution as well as the safety of employees and citizens in the surrounding area.