The Company

Vassiliko Cement Works Public Company Ltd is one of the largest heavy industries in Cyprus. It was founded a public Company in 1963, following an initiative by the Hellenic Mining Public Company Ltd and became operational in 1967. The Company has been listed on the Cyprus Stock Exchange since 1996.

Vassiliko Cement performs its business activity according to the fundamental principles of continuous product quality improvement and provision of best customer service, while respecting the environment; these principles are inextricably linked with the achievement of the Company’s strategic goals.

The Vassiliko Cement Works factory operates in Vassiliko, an industrial area between the cities of Limassol and Larnaca, in Cyprus. The location was chosen in view of its abundance of raw materials of excellent quality and proximity to the sea.

Our Company is active in the production of clinker and cement while operating four quarries for the extraction of raw materials which are solely destined for the production of cement. More specifically:

• One Limestone Quarry in Kalavassos Village (the largest Quarry in Cyprus)
• One Reef Limestone Quarry in Armenohori
• Two Clay Quarries in Mari and Vassiliko.