Our Strategy

Our Company’s strategy is to keep enhancing our competitiveness through the implementation of our Sustainable Development program. Our goal is to maintain a viable and steady course as well as a high quality of the products we produce and offer to the market, remain our customers’ desirable supplier and be the employer whom everybody would wish working for. The respect for People and the Environment is vital for our Company’s operation, thus Health, Safety, Quality and Energy Management constitute its key pillars.


Due to a continuous evolution at all levels – entrepreneurship, technology, environment – as well as the Company’s dynamic development, it is imperative that a prevention policy be followed in all procedures, with respect to dealing with environmental and not only effects; this policy implies the involvement of all employees.

We have established the following policies – which cover all stages of our operation –in order to make this prevention procedure feasible and effective:

- Health & Safety Policy
- Energy Management Policy
- Corporate Responsibility Policy
- Environmental Management Policy
- Quality Policy