1963 - Establishment of Vassiliko Cement Works from the Greek Mining Company


1967 - Production facility start up (150.000tons)


1983 - Creation of proprietaty Port


1990 - The Italcementi Group acquires 20% of the company. Today, 26% is owned by Heidelberg Cement Group


2000 - Installation of a new cement silo (25,000 tons), which improves export potential and distribution at the local level


2000 - Operation of Research and Testing Laboratory under European standards


2002 - Installation of new typea  of cement mill, which helps to reduce COemissions


2008 - Vassiliko Cement Works acquires the cement and aggregates activities of Cyprus Cement Company


2011 - Start of the new production line of Best Available Technology of 6.000 ton/day Clinker production


2014 - Power Line Installation of alternative fuels and raw materials 


2015 - Startup of Alternative Fuels Feeding Installation


2016 - Additional Clinker Silo with total capacity of 100.000 tons is under construction