Educational Visit by students from Durham University to Vassiliko Cement Works

On January 10, twenty-three students from Durham University, England, majoring in Environmental Management, visited Vassiliko Cement Works facilities for training purposes.


The students attended presentations from the departments of Communication, Production, Environment and Quality Assurance and were given the opportunity to get familiar with the operation of the only cement industry in Cyprus.


During the presentations, students raised clarification requests addressing the speakers regarding the production process and the cement industry’s operations carried out. What was equally important for students, was their guided tour around Kalavasos limestone quarry and the Central Control Room (CCR) where they closely watched the way raw materials are handled and processed and understood the multifaceted operation of Vassiliko Cement Works, i.e. the production process of cement and clinker.


Vassiliko Cement Works continues positively responding and supporting educational visits from Universities and other educational-research bodies, transferring to students the know-how and the experience of the Company’s very well-trained personnel.