Goals of Sustainable Development

Integration of the 17 Goals of Sustainable Development into our strategy for a better world!

In 2015, the world leaders unanimously approved the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development. The UN Agenda 2030 constitutes the new global framework for sustainable development and sets 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Its aim is to eradicate poverty and attain sustainable development at a global scale by 2030, without anyone being excluded.


Having integrated the Sustainable Development Goals in our strategy, we take on courageous and reform-oriented steps towards a steadily improving path. Many challenges can be addressed through the Sustainable Development Goals because they constitute specific action plans on how to achieve the change to the better, how to strengthen and ensure the synergy of all our stakeholders.


Our foundation rests on principles, our five-fold values- People, Integrity, Health & Safety, Environment, Quality, on our vision-

Our Vision is to stand out as a successful company based on the principles centered around Respect and Social Contribution, always fixing common targets with each stakeholder separately.


The People and the Environment are always at the core of our operations; based on those pillars we set measurable targets and time frames for our improvement.


Vassiliko Cement Works

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