The Company

Vassiliko Cement Works was founded in 1963 and the plant became fully operational in 1967. Recognizing the benefits of its proximity to the sea, the company constructed the Vassiliko port, which has been operating incessantly since 1984, enabling the company to better serve its international customers, also facilitating the imports of raw materials for meeting the company needs. The Company’s shares are listed on the Cyprus Stock Exchange since 1996.

The installation of a new, state of the art clinker plant, along new European Standards, was completed in 2011. The revamped plant has contributed significantly to improving environmental performance, reducing production costs as well as increasing the production capacity of the Company into 2 MT annually.


The Company operates in clinker and cement production sectors and manages five quarries for the extraction of raw materials which are used exclusively for the production of cement.

The Company’s quarries are:


- Limestone Quarry (the largest Quarry in Cyprus)

- Reef Limestone Quarry

- Clay Quarries (2)

- Gypsum quarry