1963 - Establishment of Vassiliko Cement Works;


1967- Launch of operation of the 150,000-ton production facility;


1984 - Launch of operation of the adjacent port;


2000 - Installation of a new cement silo (25,000 tons);


2000 - Operation of the Research and Testing Laboratory under European Standards;


2002 - Installation of a new-type cement mill, contributing to CO2 emissions reduction;


2008 - Merger of Vassiliko Cement Works with Cyprus Cement Company;


2011 - Launch of operation of the new Best Available Technology clinker production line with a capacity of 6,000 tons/day;


2014 - Launch of operation of Alternative Fuels and Raw Materials Feeding System;


2018 - Launch of operation of an additional clinker silo with a total capacity of 100,000 tons;


2020 - Launch of operation of the photovoltaic park (8MWp).