Sponsorship for the environmental education program ''Environmental crime on the Coast'' by the Cyprus Center for Environmental Research and Education (CY.C.E.R.E.)

For a 3rd consecutive year, we support the environmental program entitled ''Environmental crime on the Coast’’ organized by the Cyprus Center for Environmental Research and Education (CY.C.E.R.E), for the school year 2020-2021.


The students participating in the one-day program are involved in a series of activities, both theoretical and practical based on the pedagogical methodology of solving an environmental problem. The program is structured in such a way so as to help students understand environmental issues, engaging them in a fascinating learning adventure.


Through the support to CY.C.E.R.E Programs, Vassiliko Cement Works aims to give students the possibility to become familiar with the coast ecosystem and the coastal sand dunes of the Cape area and to discover the way coastal sand dunes are formed. It is equally important to understand the relationship between biotic and abiotic factors and to develop the ability of critical thinking, through the investigation of anthropogenic pressures and threats.


The Company, awarded with the Gold Environmental Protector Award for the year 2018, acknowledges the environmental issues and takes into consideration the needs of society, contributing in any way possible to mitigating the problem by supporting various activities and educational programs, focusing on awareness raising among young people and making them vigilant.