Vassiliko Cement Works participates actively for one more year in the celebration of the World Environment Day

For one more year, Vassiliko Cement Works celebrated the World Environment Day (June 5), organizing a two-day event for its personnel, on June 5 and 6, 2019.


The actions carried out in the context of the company’s Environmental Management Policy, that supports inter alia the significance of all employees’ systematic contribution to the environmental footprint improvement, with the aim to create a sustainable environment for a better future.


The actions focused this year on the protection of maritime waters. On June 5, a lecture was delivered with an informative content by the Officer from the Fisheries and maritime research department, Dr. Maria Roussou, who talked about the biggest environmental problem, which is the disposal of plastics and other rubbish to the sea. She explained the chain pollution ending up to human body via the substances the fish feed on. A discussion then followed between employees and improvement actions were put forward to mitigate pollution.


The next action was a simulation exercise carried out on June 6 at Vassiliko port, on the topic of ‘Fuel leakage to the sea’. The Company's employees participated in the exercise from the departments of Environment, Port Facilities and Communication Management, in order to sensitize and cope with pollution immediately in real time.


Vassiliko Cement Works considers that education and change of mindset are the key pillars for the operation of a successful and socially responsible enterprise. Therefore, the Company responds to the increasing expectations in the framework of protecting ecosystems and ensuring a healthy and productive way of life for everyone.