5th Meeting of Communities at Vassiliko Cement Works

In the context of a systematic and open dialogue with interested parties, Vassiliko Cement Works held the 5th Meeting of Communities on June 27, 2019 at its facilities.


This statutory meeting with the communities is carried out every six months in order to maintain the relationships between the neighboring communities and the Company; the meeting’s common objective is the resolution of various issues, through open dialogue and discussion. The meeting was attended by presidents and representatives of town councils who initially attended a detailed presentation by the Company's representatives on the environmental projects that have been completed at the Company's premises and on the actions plan until the end of 2019 and other issues of common interest.


After the presentations, a dialogue and an exchange of views followed alongside a lunch in the new and ultramodern Company restaurant.


Vassiliko Cement Works acknowledges its social responsibility and plays an active role for the local community’s prosperity where it exercises its business activity. As a result, the arising long-term benefits include the local community’s support, faith and good intentions.