6th Communities Forum at Vassiliko Cement Works

In the context of a systematic and open dialogue with stakeholders, Vassiliko Cement Works held the second Communities Forum for 2019 on December 17.



The statutory semester meeting with the communities, established by now as an Institution for the Company, is taking place with the aim to preserve the relations between the Company and the neighboring communities, aimed at transparency, open dialogue and at fulfilling common objectives.



The meeting was attended by representatives of town councils from the communities of Kalavasos, Tochni, Zygi, Mari, Pentakomo,, Maroni, Psematismenos, Choirokitia and Anafotia who were delivered a presentation by the Company's General Manager and by a Senior Management representative regarding the progress of development projects and the plans for the new year. The discussion was concluded with exchange of wishes for a fruitful new year.



After the presentations and the discussion, a lunch was offered at the Company’s ‘Lithos’ restaurant.



Vassiliko Cement Works acknowledges its social responsibility and plays an active role for the prosperity of the local communities where its business activity is exercised across different sectors.