Educational visit to Vassiliko Cement Works by the Vocational Upper Secondary School of Sindos in Thessaloniki

On Friday, March 22, 2019, thirty-six (36) students and teachers from the Vocational Upper Secondary School of Sindos in Thessaloniki visited Vassiliko Cement Works for educational purposes. This visit involved the presentation of best practices adopted by the Company in issues of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental and Energy Management.


Representatives from the Departments of Communication, Energy Management and Environment of Vassiliko presented the above topics thoroughly and answered many questions raised by students regarding the social actions and the awareness raising vis-à-vis the environment. Moreover, questions were answered in relation to the alternative use of fuels versus electricity.


Vassiliko Cement Works, as a socially responsible Company, opens its doors to young people for educational and information purposes and supports the society, taking innovative initiatives, such as the educational Conferences on Engineering. These conferences are addressed to students from Upper Secondary Schools and Technical Schools and aim at providing information on the sector of Engineering; this information comes from experienced professional engineers of Vassiliko Cement Works.