European Week for Safety and Health at Work October 22-28, 2018

Each year in October (calendar week 43), Vassiliko Cement Works celebrates the European Week for Health & Safety at Work and organizes various campaigns with the participation of the Company's employees themselves.

Similarly, this year, awareness raising events were organized by the Company's Health and Safety Department addressed to employees, held in various areas at the workplace. A part of the campaign for the celebration of the European Week for Health & Safety at Work involved trainings, seminars and exercises:


-Use of fire extinguishers

-Plant evacuation exercise in case of an emergency

-Sectorial lectures on the integrated system of crisis management in the Company

-Coordinators’ training in their duties

-Check on fire Extinguisher

-Maintenance of fire extinguishing pumps and firefighting nets


Vassiliko Cement Works campaigns on Health and Safety aim at sensitizing and at highlighting the significance of participative management and of coping with daily risks at the workplace.