Honorary distinctions for the campaign “Let's Do It Cyprus”

At a special event organized by Together Cyprus, in cooperation with the Environment Commissioner's Office, Vassiliko Cement Works was granted an honorary distinction for its active participation in the campaign Let’s Do It Cyprus “I Clean Cyprus 2019”. The event took place on June 03, 2019, at Cyta amphitheater in Nicosia.


The Company was honored for its long-standing support to the campaign as strategic sponsor, for its participation in the campaign NO MORE PLASTIC and for the educational conferences it organized on composting, in cooperation with the Environment Commissioner's Office.


The campaign “Let’s Do It! Cyprus - I Clean Cyprus”, constitutes the largest environmental action carried out in our country. This year also volunteers exceeded the limit of 49,500 persons.


Vassiliko Cement Works is building on environmental consciousness through its actions and daily operation, taking advantage of the improvement opportunities offered daily; the Company's ultimate purpose is to create a sustainable environment for a better future.