International Day for Safety and Health at Work

On the occasion of the International Day for Safety and Health at Work, established by the International Labor Organization (ILO) on April 29, 2020, Vassiliko Cement Works launched the campaign ‘Together’ that involves actions addressed to the entire personnel and its direct stakeholders for hygiene purposes and prevention against Covid-19.


The campaign aimed at safeguarding the health and safety of all people and to secure the re-start of all cement industry operations in a healthy, protected and virus-free environment.


Communication tools, such as the promotion of the official presentation by the International Labor Organization (ILO) and its poster, outlining the ways and rules of safeguarding health at work and instructions, modified accordingly depending on the nature of the Company’s works, were sent to personnel and associates and were uploaded on the Company's screens that are installed in communal areas. Moreover, the Company's Nurse presents a brief guidance video, addressed to all employees describing the hand washing technique, the way to wear and dispose of gloves and face cover.


Vassiliko Cement Works supports the battle against the pandemic and pursues unabated the effort to protect its people, through various actions, in order to strengthen the sensitive and crucial for all Health sector.