Intracompany lecture on Solid Waste Management

A lecture on ‘Solid Waste Management’ was delivered at the Company’s facilities, on Monday, November 4th, addressed to the Company's personnel.


Vassiliko Cement Works welcomed the Officer from the Environment Commissioner's Office, Marios Efthymiou, who informed the personnel on the management of materials deriving from the activities of households, industrial facilities, commercial facilities, agricultural and mining activities.


This is a topical issue concerning the entire population because solid waste constitutes a significant cause of degradation of both the urban and natural environment, resulting in huge economic and social impact. Solid waste management is complicated incurring economic, social and environmental dimensions.


The Officer also elaborated on the important issue of composting, its use and benefits and on the ‘green spots’ in the districts of Cyprus.


Questions were raised at the end of the lecture enabling the Company's personnel to suggest improvement projects within the facility.


Vassiliko Cement Works systematically and responsibly participates in environmental actions, taking advantage of the opportunity for daily improvement, with the ultimate objective to create a sustainable environment.