Vassiliko Cement Works participation in the “Health & Safety at the workplace” seminar by SAMETEK Association (Association of Secondary Technical Education Graduates of Cyprus)

On December 5, 2018, Vassiliko Cement Works participated and made a presentation at the seminar entitled 'Health & Safety at the workplace'' organized by SAMETEK Association (Association of Secondary Technical Education Graduates of Cyprus), at AJAX Hotel in Limassol.


The guests were SAMETEK associates and were informed about health and safety issues at the work premises. The speakers were the Head of H&S and Senior Industrial & Labor Relations Officer of Vassiliko Cement Works, Ms. Maria Evdokimou, the Director of Postgraduate Business Programs of the New York Prague University, Mr. Sotiris Karayiannis and the Health & Safety Officer of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Mr. Ioannis Apostolou. A constructive dialogue followed, and questions were raised by participants.


At the end of the seminar, the President of SAMETEK, Mr. Kyriakos Zinoviou, conferred honorary distinctions to the companies supporting the Association and the seminar's speakers. The honorary distinction for Vassiliko was given to the Deputy General Manager & Operations Manager, Mr. Stellos Sycopetrides and to the Head of Health & Safety Officer and Senior Industrial & Labor Relations Officer, Ms. Maria Evdokimou.


An official dinner in the hotel marked the end of the night.


Vassiliko Cement Works considers the promotion of Safety & Health at the workplace of vital importance and promotes its practices and knowledge by participating in conferences and seminars across Cyprus and at European level.