Vassiliko Cement Works sponsor of the “6th Health & Safety Conference in Construction Projects”

Vassiliko Cement Works sponsored the “6th Health & Safety Conference in Construction Projects”, organized by the Civil Engineers’ Association of Cyprus and held at the conference center “Filoxenia” from May 10 to May 11, 2019.


The conference gave information to professionals in the construction sector and related activities as well as to professionals and special advisors in occupational Health & Safety. Moreover, the new prevention strategy, called “Vision Zero” was presented, incorporating the three dimensions of safety, health and prosperity at all work levels.


To ensure Health & Safety, Vassiliko Cement Works participates actively in the “Vision Zero” campaign and organizes training, exercises and seminars for its personnel, adhering to the 7 Golden Rules of this campaign, with the ambition to create a working environment free of accidents and diseases.