Vassiliko Cement Works supported the musical social program El Sistema Cyprus

By supporting the musical social program El Sistema Cyprus, Vassiliko Cement Works helped to organize two concerts, held on Saturday, 9 March 2019, at the Municipal theatre of Strovolos.


El Sistema is a musical social program whose purpose is to combat delinquency and crime; through the program, the children of the streets managed to set up a symphonic orchestra with the help of music instructors. This initiative started in Venezuela in 1975 and specifically in shanty towns, numbering currently 1 million children, while across the world, the El Sistema program numbers 1.5 million children.


Cyprus followed this example, creating El Sistema Cyprus, with seven teachers and 2 teams of children in Nicosia and Larnaca. Children have found a role and refuge in music and they managed to create a symphonic orchestra with strings and percussion instruments.


The El Sistema Cyprus primarily aims at offering free music education, giving free classes and musical instruments to children and young people.


The secondary target is recognition and respect to vulnerable social groups.


The thinking behind the social support to vulnerable groups by Vassiliko Cement Works is to cultivate a culture of social sensitivity, in order to have only a positive impact on society.