Visit by students from Manchester University to Vassiliko Cement Works facilities

On May 10, 2019, twenty students from Manchester University, England, with a master’s degree in Administration majoring in Human Resources Management, visited Vassiliko Cement Works facilities for training purposes.


The students attended presentations by representatives from the departments of Communication and Human Resources, on the company’s profile and the practices in Human Resources Management, training and development. Once the presentations were finished, students raised questions to the representatives on the way of administration and personnel management, talents management procedures, substitution plan and crisis management.


They were also given the opportunity to get a close look at the renovated premises of the CCR (central control room) and the ultra-modern chemical laboratory room.


For one more year, Vassiliko Cement Works continues responding positively and supporting educational visits from Universities and other educational-research bodies, transmitting many years of experience and carrying over to students the know-how and the experience gained in one of the heaviest industries in Cyprus.