Vassiliko Cement Works Public Company Ltd announces that the Board of Directors of the Company, at its meeting held on 5 October 2023, approved the payment of an interim dividend for 2023 of €5.754.875,76 corresponding to €0,08 per share.


The interim dividend will be paid to the entitled shareholders of the Company who will be registered at the CSE registry as at 18th October 2023 (record date).  As a result, the 17th of October 2023 is determined to be the ex-dividend date, date from which the shares of the Company will be traded at the CSE without the right to the dividend.


Investors that will purchase shares at the CSE by the close of business on 16th October 2023 (Last Cum Date) will be entitled to the dividend. It is noted that shareholders entitled to the dividend will also be the holders of shares through an off exchange transfer to be completed by the record date. 


Payment of the dividends will be made (effected) until the 14th November 2023.



6 October 2023