Fire at Vassiliko area

A fire broke out in a neighboring temporary storage area of tires and pile of poles of the Electricity Authority which were intended for processing and combustion by Vassiliko Cement Works; the fire broke out on Monday, July 3rd 2017 at 11:00 p.m. and was put under control in the morning hours.


The incident was promptly perceived and appropriate measures were taken on behalf of the Company that informed the competent authorities, such as the Disaster Management Special Unit (EMAK), the Police and the Fire Brigade that responded and arrived at the scene immediately.  Fire extinguishing vehicles of EMAK Kofinou reached the area and extinguished the fire.


The Company's primary purpose was to secure its employees' health and safety, its facilities and the surrounding area.  Vassiliko crisis management procedure was promptly activated and all necessary measures were taken.


The Company’s personnel are working under safe conditions and operations continue without interruption. We are also in close cooperation with the competent authorities to investigate the causes of the fire.


We would like to thank warmly the men of EMAK and the Fire Brigade for their immediate response and coordinated efforts as well as the companies VTTV and VTS and other associates for their important support with various means in the swift management of the incident.



4 July 2017